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MediLight Clinic has opened in Marbella!

MediLight Clinic offers treatment for a variety of medical conditions using low level laser therapy. Demand for this specific type of medical laser treatment has increased significantly. Many people with different symptoms seek help from medical laser treatment which increases the healing process of the body without side effects. After a number of years of operations in Stockholm, with clients from all over Sweden, MediLight Clinic is now opening in Marbella!


Do you experience pain, suffer from injuries, have difficulty in sleeping or want to increase your overall level of energy?


How does this specific type of medical laser work? When the laser hits the cell during treatment the cell's mitochondria (power station) is activated. The production of cell energy is stimulated supporting the repair of tissues, reductions of inflammation and pain and an increased functionality of the cells. This process is backed by numerous clinical studies and FDA approvals (Food and Drug Administration, USA)

In Stockholm Sweden, MediLight Clinic is located at Sveavägen 17 (Hötorget) together  with Hedda Care, a doctor's clinic.


The laser is cold and cannot cause any damage to skin, tissue or other organs. The process requires no recovery time after treatment.


Some examples of medical conditions low level laser can treat:

- Pain in neck, shoulders, back, hip, knee

- Sleeping problems

- Osteoarthritis, joint pain

- Stress, exhaustion syndrome

- Menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances

- Postcovid

Are you interested in medical laser treatment?

MediLight Clinic is open in Marbella/ Nueva Andalucia, during certain weeks. AddressCalle el Califa 6, at Eternal Clinic

You can book a series of treatments,  subject to the condition we recommend 3-5 treatment sessions.

Dates 2023: 

June 10th - 17th

September 14th - 24th

November 2nd -12th

December 28th - January 7th

Dates 2024: 
January 2nd -7th

February 1th-11th

March 21st-31st

May 23rd - June 2nd

After you booked your FIRST VISIT or REVISIT you will receive more information.

Clic here or send an email to: or call

+ 46 (0) 708 971800 and you will receive information about available times. If you don't need help yourself, feel free to refer a friend. 

Price 1 session: 125 euro

Price per session if you book 5 sessions: 115 euro

Follow us at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn: @medilightclinic        




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My name is Therese Leijonhufvud and I am a registered nurse and founder of MediLight Clinic.


I have been active in healthcare for over 30 years

serving in children's healthcare, as manager of an occupational healthcare company and as CEO of Health Profile Institute, a health development company.


Before starting MediLight Clinic in 2019 I worked for

over twelve years at Euro Accident, an insurance company, as a product manager for healthcare insurance, rehabilitation and health. 

             Wellcome to MediLight Clinic!

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